U-Reach Data Solutions Inc Has Passed UK Defense Standard Tests!

15 February, 2023

It will always be the goal at U-Reach Data Solutions Inc to stay on top of modern government defense standards. U-Reach is proud to announce that as of December 2022 the SD Silver/Gold, MT, MTC, and NV-BM series of products have passed 6 UK Defense Standard Tests.

The UK Standard tests that were passed include DEF STAN 00-35 CL2 / DEF STAN 00-35 CL5 / DEF STAN 00-35 CL6 / DEF STAN 00-35 CL11 / DEF STAN 00-35 M1 / DEF STAN 00-35 M3. Similar to the United States MIL-810H Standard, these test methods are intended to: evaluate equipment's performance when exposed to a life cycle of environmental stresses and identify deficiencies, shortcomings, and defects in equipment design, materials, manufacturing processes, packaging techniques, and maintenance methods.

This is a testament and great proof of commitment to U-Reach’s dedication to the highest quality products. This great milestone will definitely provide clients and future business partners massive confidence in the quality control process at U-Reach. This certification shows that not only does U-Reach have a strict and industry leading quality control process, but also outstanding staff members that thoroughly inspect and examine the products at every step along the way.

Customer and client feedback has always been important to the U-Reach team. Consistent and constant improvement has now led to this new milestone. As always, U-Reach Data Solutions Inc welcomes any feedback and suggestions sent to info@ureach-usa.com

About U-Reach Data Solutions Inc.
With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the design and production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization and covers Flash, HDD, and M.2 PCI-E SSDs.

In 2012, U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. established in California as the USA headquarter, extending the manufacturer's services to North America, offering quality deliveries to meet ever-changing market needs.

Its well-known brand “U-Reach” has been marketed worldwide, and its data equipment has been adopted by many leading manufacturers and companies in the semiconductor IC design field, electronic foundries, military and government institutions, medical and healthcare centers, schools, film production and entertainment industries. To date, U-Reach has become the designated supplier for many semiconductor IC design factories.

U-Reach has set up seven branches around the world, providing a global technical support center (Technological Support Center) and is committed to offering real-time service to local clients and multinational companies.

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