U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. duplicators are HIPAA compliant. Medical professionals can add peace of mind to their ePHI destruction process by first erasing the data using DoD or NIST sanitization methods. The duplicator will not only erase the data section of the device but also handle the hidden areas such as the HPA and DCO, ensuring that all possible data has been overwritten. The built-in log reporting function will record important device information as well as the function performed which is perfect for record keeping.

Our duplicators support all major storage devices and interfaces on the market. Devices include USB, SD, CF, CFAST, HDD, SSD, and more.

We are the only duplicator manufacturer on the market to offer modular sockets. All sockets, regardless of manufacturer, will wear out over time. Traditionally, if a socket becomes worn, the user will have to RMA the device and await the long repair. With U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. duplicators, the sockets can be replaced by the user without the use of tools, thus saving time and money.

U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. maintains a great reputation within the medical industry and are trusted by many medical clients. We invite any questions or feedback; please see our contact page for detailed contact information.