About Us
U-Reach designs and manufactures industrial quality data duplication and erasure equipment. In the past, we have successfully offered solutions to Police forces, Public sectors and other Government departments through local state and federal resellers and agencies. This allows us to identify the mission critical nature of government IT department requirements. We are committed to delivering the most reliable equipment and service that meets government standards.
U-Reach's Core Technology
  Our equipment is based on proprietary and embedded technologies. This enables individual ports to achieve 100% copy and writing speed dedicated bandwidth. We offer the highest performance and reliably without speed degradation.

> Standalone – No PC or Software are required to operate. Quick learning curve and efficiency equates to reduced downtime with increased productions.

> iSecuLog – An intelligent event logging tool for proof management and analytics, allows users to monitor and record without disrupting productivity.

> Read Only Master - Our master port will never overwrite any data (e.g. Time stamping) on your source device. It is truly a read only port, leaving your source device in its original condition.
Compliance Standards
All U-Reach TAA compliant products meet U.S. Government Trade Agreements Act (TAA) requirements, which was enacted to foster fair and open international trade. By meeting these criteria, U-Reach trusts in the value and quality of our products and services.

DoD Erase: Complies with U.S. Department of Defense standards of erasing 5220.22

Secure Erase: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 accepted technique for properly purging hard drives. This method is supported by almost all modern SATA HDD (Data can never be retrieved).

U-Reach erasure systems comply with ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043, and 27050

CE/FCC: All products have passed the CE & FCC certifications.

How to buy U-Reach products in Government channel